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Tips for Insuring a Second-Hand Car

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Tips for Insuring a Second-Hand Car

Buying a used car in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The country has a high proportion of high-value cars, both luxury vehicles and sport models, and the second-hand car market too is affected by that. Whether you're looking for something exotic or making a more modest purchase, there are certain things you need to know when it comes to insuring it.


Before you buy, you should be aware that in order to register and insure a used vehicle in the UAE, you must have a residency permit and a driving license issued by the relevant authority in the UAE.  Note that an international driving licence (or an otherwise valid foreign licence) will only allow you to drive a rental car.

Online Purchase

When you're ready to insure your vehicle, you'll naturally want to do so quickly and with the minimum of fuss. You'll be glad if you've already found an insurer that offers simple, straightforward online purchasing. Make sure you know the requirements of the insurer; having all the relevant paperwork on hand will save you a lot of frustration! You'll probably need to upload copies of various documents, so having access to a scanner will be useful.


The most important factor in choosing an insurer for a used car in the UAE is trust. You won't regret it if you go with a world-class brand with a global reputation. Used cars, however good they look, are by definition more likely to develop problems than new cars, and if that happens you'll want to have access to top-quality repair services and 24/7 assistance.


This is also worth bearing in mind when you're deciding between Third Party and Comprehensive insurance packages. For example, does your insurer offer cover across all GCC states? What happens if you run out of fuel outside a city? Some insurers include emergency fuel delivery in their policies.

Choose Wisely

Finally, in the event of an accident, you'll want to be certain that your insurer will deal with as much of the stress as possible. A top-quality insurance firm will supply you with a temporary replacement vehicle while your vehicle is in the workshop. You've put a lot of thought into buying your used car - it makes sense to choose your insurer carefully. 

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