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Vacation Time: Mediterranean or Southeast Asia?

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Vacation Time: Mediterranean or Southeast Asia?

People in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) work hard, and one of the great things about living here is that when it comes to vacation planning, we're equidistant from some of the best value destinations in the world. Fly east for six hours and you're in Thailand. Fly west for just five hours and you're in Athens! Both of these countries offer very reasonably priced fun in the sun for travellers, so herewith we'll attempt to decide between the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. It's not going to be easy...

Because neither of these destinations will break the bank, you'd be wise to check your travel insurance situation. You may find it worthwhile to switch to an annual policy if you'll be flying out of the UAE more than once in the next year. Remember that, while you may have gotten a bargain flight, you might not be able to change it if you have to cancel. A good policy will also cover both medical costs and emergency evacuation.

The Mediterranean: Crete
From Athens you have an amazing array of options, including islands and mainland resorts. Crete is one of the most popular, and a flight to Heraklion puts you right in the centre of this stunning destination. It's a short drive to Chania in the west, perhaps the most beautiful city on the island. The ancient narrow streets open out onto a beautiful harbour, while to the south, the White Mountains loom 2,500 metres above you. Numerous sandy beaches are within walking distance and accommodation is easy to find and inexpensive.

Southeast Asia: Thailand
Arriving in Bangkok, you have a similar range of choices.  A short flight or  train journey will bring you to Khao Lak, a peaceful stretch of beach resorts near Phuket. This area has recovered well from the 2004 tsunami. It's an excellent choice for families, and again the sea views contrast wonderfully with the lush green mountains. Apart from the excellent beaches, make time to visit the National Park near Bang La On as well as the beautiful Lampi Waterfall, best viewed at sunrise. Diving and snorkelling is very popular here, but you can also play golf and get a massage afterwards! There are plenty of superb restaurants in the area serving classic Thai dishes and amazing seafood.

And The Winner Is...
Both Crete and Thailand are known for their warm, hospitable people, beautiful landscapes and fantastic cuisine. So which one to choose? Maybe just flip a coin...


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