Disaster Protection Insurance from AIG UAE

Disaster Protection

Protect your assets from losses caused by natural catastrophes like flood, forest or brush fire, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic action or eruption, a named hurricane, typhoon or cyclone, and/or any natural disaster officially-declared by a government agency.

Product summary

  • Plan ahead for a disaster; protect your assets from losses due to a natural catastrophe


  • Disaster Cash Coverage:  pays a defined cash benefit to help with critical expenses when their home becomes uninhabitable for more than 48 hours following a covered disaster
  • Disaster Mortgage: provides with monthly mortgage reimbursement in the event that a home becomes temporarily uninhabitable for more than 48 hours following a covered disaster 
  • Personal Disaster – Auto Total Loss: a defined cash benefit payment if the insured’s vehicle is totally destroyed due to a vehicle fire or collision. In the case of loss, we will provide your customers an agreed upon benefit to be used as an advanced payment for the purchase of a new vehicle