Identity and Credit Card Protection Insurance from AIG UAE

Identity and Credit Card Protection

This cover offers protection of your payment cards on which you are heavily reliant for various purchases.


  • Identity Theft
  • Fraudulent Charges
  • ATM Assault and Robbery
  • Wallet Guard

Cover summary

  • Identity Theft reimburses expenses related to resolving an identity theft, legal expenses, lost wages for time off from work, payment obligations for which customers are legally liable to creditors and tools to recover from identity theft
  • Fraudulent Charges reimburses you for unauthorised charges made on lost or stolen payment card up to 48 hours prior to first reporting the event to the payment card issuer
  • ATM Assault and Robbery coverage reimburses customers for the money withdrawn from any ATM worldwide using their payment card, should robbery occur within 30 minutes of the withdrawal
  • Wallet Guard cover provides replacement of costs for lost or stolen wallet, payment cards, lost or stolen papers, including driver’s license, passport and employment papers and application fees for applying for new personal papers