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The energy and energy-related industry throws up infinitely intricate risks. Harnessing it to power our technology driven lifestyle is crucial to our global economy.

Our extensive thirty years experience in this industry has advanced our understanding of the often complex legislation, management and governance that this industry faces, resulting in a refined capability to offer specialised insurance solutions to our clients.

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Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

This segment of insurance is designed to provide comprehensive Property Damage and Time Element coverage for the myriad of risks presented by the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.


Contractors All Risks insurance is designed to provide comprehensive property damage coverage for the myriad of risks that construction projects face from project conception through completion and beyond.

Group Travel

The UAE’s unique geographical location has always been a trade hub generating infinite business travel plans. Offering a travel insurance solution targeted at these business travellers, AIG’s Group Travel is custom made to be conveniently appealing to both employee and employer. And with a global support network to match.

Mining & Related Industries

This segment of insurance is designed to provide to provide comprehensive property damage and time element coverage for the myriad of risks presented by mining industries.

Oil and Petrochemical

AIG’s Oil and Petrochemical cover provides comprehensive coverage for the complex challenges presented by the O&P risks as well as related hydro carbon industries.

Personal Accident

AIG’s customized Group Personal Accident product is expertly underwritten to cater to the corporate sector and their specific insurance requirements. Offering you exceptional solutions for personal situations.


AIG U.A.E.'s Property Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance has been specifically designed to cover the sabotage, terrorism, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection and coup d'état (excluding war and civil war) risks faced by multinational companies operating in countries where these risks are normally excluded from standard insurance programs. Coverage for strike, riot and civil commotion can be included by endorsement.

Workmen’s Compensation / Employer’s Liability

Worker’s Compensation covers any occupational sickness, accidents arising out of and in the course of employment (work related) including medical expenses and loss of wages for either bodily injury or death of an employee as per applicable Labor Law. Employers Liability pays additional compensation over and above the workmen’s compensation benefits upon court judgment based on negligence on part of the employer

Commercial Auto Fleet

Commercial Automobile Insurance protects businesses owning an auto fleet against risks such as a motor own damage and any third party bodily injury and property damage liability that may arise from an accident Any business that commercially uses automobiles in its operations needs this type of insurance coverage to ultimately protect its bottom line.


Revolutionary advancements in IT technology has transformed the way companies today manage their business, but have brought with it new and challenging cyber risks. AIG has been at the forefront in understanding these risks and developing a solution that provides all the expertise and financial protection companies need to both protect against the financial losses associated with a data breach or network security failure and to respond swiftly and effectively to manage and mitigate an event. CyberEdge can help mitigate not only the potential financial impact of a data leak, loss or breach, but also the reputational impact and the IT impact because it combines traditional insurance cover with professional consultancy.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Every corporate strategy of combining businesses through Mergers and Acquisitions presents its own set of unique challenges and inherent risks. At AIG, we recognize Mergers and Acquisitions insurance as a highly specialized field of cover. A cover that focuses on aiding the M&A process by protecting certain potential risks that may be likely to occur immediately or at a later date.


Food, drink, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and tobacco products are susceptible to contamination, both accidental and by deliberate interference through malice for political or financial gain. Such incidents are increasingly common and, when they occur, attract media interest which can have a disastrous impact on the public's confidence in the affected product.

Oil Rig

AIG’s oil rig cover provides comprehensive coverage for complex risks presented by the offshore and onshore exploration, production and contractor segments of upstream energy industry.

Power Generation and Utilities

AIG is a leading writer of Property insurance for Power Generation and Utility risks around the globe, and has been committed to underwriting power generation for over 35 years. We understand the unique equipment and risks particular to generating power, and appreciate the need to relentlessly stay up to date on the latest technological advances.

Umbrella & Excess Liability

Provides excess limits over and above any other underlying liability coverage forms or policies. In addition, it may also include coverage not included or provided in underlying coverage forms or policies.