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Umbrella and excess liability cover provides excess limits over and above any other underlying liability coverage forms or policies. In addition, it may also include coverage not included or provided by such forms or policies.

Why Umbrella & Excess Liability Insurance?

Umbrella and excess liability policies can be a cost-effective and practical way of adding another layer of protection to any other liability policies that your business holds, including general liabilities (public and products liability, and completed operations), employer's liability and motor third party liabilities. A claim that is in excess of the limit provided by the primary policy can then be indemnified by the umbrella and excess policy, in line with the terms and conditions agreed.

AIG excess liability insurance can be obtained even when we do not insure the primary layer of the risk.

Product Highlights:

Some of our key product highlights include:

  • Professional risk assessment
  • Proactive and consistent claims service
  • Worldwide jurisdiction coverage option