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Our piracy guard not only protects against financial losses but also makes available the specialist services of a leading crisis management and security consultancy. As well as responding to support policyholders facing a piracy incident, we provide end-to-end solutions combining technology with proven expertise, aimed at reducing potential risks.

The Market:
We are able to underwrite short-term policies covering a transit though the Indian Ocean for instance, to a policy covering a fleet of vessels on an annual basis.

Insured Events:

Cover is provided for the following incidents:

  • Kidnapping or alleged kidnapping
  • Extortion
  • Detention
  • Hijacking

Cover Highlights:

  • Ransom payment
  • Loss in-transit of ransom payment
  • Unlimited response consultants expenses
  • Additional expenses (e.g. travel, medical, PR, rest & rehabilitation)
  • Legal costs (e.g. legal advice)
  • Cost of fuel used by an insured vessel during an hijacking
  • Costs paid to port authorities for an unscheduled port call following an hijacking
  • Cost of conveying any ransom monies (including an airborne drop)
  • Costs of transporting and employing a replacement crew

Optional Cover:

  • Death or dismemberment benefits arising from a covered incident
  • Loss of hire, loss of income during the vessel’s captivity