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We can provide flexible marine insurance solutions in the UAE that are customised to suit importers, exporters, vessel owners/ operators and inland marine, recreational marine and marine operations worldwide.

At AIG, we combine our UAE expertise and knowledge with the global strength of our international network, to ensure the best possible solution to cover your marine risk.

Key benefits:

  • Underwriting, loss control, claims and recovery services provided by marine specialists globally
  • Limits among the highest in the industry
  • Flexible programmes personalised for specific client requirements
  • High quality coverage for multinational risks, including locally admitted policies
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With increasing globalisation, comes greater trade opportunities. And with it, risk to goods in transit. Marine insurance covers this risk and offers the safe transport of material - port to port or warehouse to warehouse.

Marine Liability Overview

A wide range of marine liability covers are tailored for marine transportation and facility operators.

Inland Marine

Inland marine insurance addresses the needs of many - whether it is an excavation contractor, a property developer, a trucker or a specialty operation, coverage can be essential to protecting business property in an ever changing market.

Recreational Marine Overview

At AIG, we understand that each type of boat and yacht - from runabouts to mega-yachts has a unique set of logistical issues and risks requiring a specialized insurance solution.