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At AIG, we combine our global expertise, local knowledge and international network, to deliver a service that ensures a comprehensive protection for our clients’ assets and their business reputation.

We can provide flexible, tailored marine solutions for importers, exporters, vessel owners/operators and inland marine, recreational marine and marine operations worldwide. Additionally, we can also provide numerous extensions to coverage such as pure domestic transit movements, warehouse, storage, exhibition, processing or consolidation risks.

Key Benefits

  • Underwriting, loss control, claims and recovery services provided by marine specialists globally 
  • Limits among the highest in the industry
  • Flexible programmes, tailored for client needs
  • High quality coverage for multinational risks, including locally admitted policies


All risk and third party coverage can be underwritten for:

  • Exports, Imports & Inland Transit 
  • Multinational accounts 
  • Freight forwarders 
  • Infrastructure projects (including ALOP)  
  • Captive accounts 

Comprehensive coverage for goods in transit covering in an “All Risk” basis according to the London Institute clauses where a diversity of additional services are provided, such as, Marine Loss Control, Policy issuance in different countries and personalised claims services.