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Products to help companies manage and mitigate the impact of crises and expedite recovery.
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Disaster Protection

Protect your assets from losses caused by natural catastrophes like flood, forest or brush fire, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic action or eruption, a named hurricane, typhoon or cyclone, and / or any natural disaster officially-declared by a government agency.

Identity and Credit Card Protection

This cover offers protection of your payment cards on which you are heavily reliant for various purchases.

Multi Appliance

Food, drink, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and tobacco products are susceptible to contamination, both accidental and by deliberate interference through malice for political or financial gain. Such incidents are increasingly common and, when they occur, attract media interest which can have a disastrous impact on the public's confidence in the affected product.

Supplemental Travel Coverage

Excess of Loss cover for non-payment due to the insolvency or default of a buyer, or inability to transfer currency due to a political act. Non-Cancellable Buyer and Country limits available providing greater contract certainty.

Enhanced Auto Protection

Get additional protection while traveling in a vehicle, whether rented, owned, leased or borrowed.

Lifestyle Protection

Covers for customers with an active lifestyle to protect hobbies of golfers, boaters, cyclists, private collections, etc.

Product Protection

This cover offers protection to the smart shopper who wants to ensure that product damages and defects do not cause undue distress