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Comprehensive coverages contemplate our clients’ full exposure – from Property Damage and Business Interruption to Contingent Business Interruption – globally. AIG’s global footprint is amongst the largest of any insurer which allied with expertise facilitates an ability to develop tailored solutions to service the complex needs of our clients.

Clients receive more than just property insurance. Our teams of experts provide robust solutions, including risk management and multinational programmes, as well as comprehensive loss prevention engineering capabilities. We are structured to support the market segments we serve. Our underwriters are well-known for their deeply specialised industry segment knowledge and expertise, a key competitive differentiator.

Clients can secure uniform coverage on a global basis and take advantage of our streamlined approach to addressing exposures locally, everywhere.

Key Advantages

  • Global, uniform, stable capacity 
  • Efficient worldwide operating platforms and policy delivery 
  • Security through AIG’s financial strength and ratings 
  • Superior expertise in underwriting catastrophe risk 
  • Industry leading Loss Prevention capability
  • Tailored and flexible solutions to client needs