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AIG Building Insurance covers your building against accidental damage caused due to fire and allied perils. Damage could result from fire, explosion, earthquake, smoke, storm, theft, damage by domestic animals, riot and so on.

Building Insurance covers the structure of your house. It is specifically designed to cover the unique needs of your house. Building Insurance includes your domestic garages, outbuildings, swimming pools, terraces, patios drives, footpaths, wall fences, gates, landlord’s permanent fixtures and fittings.

With AIG, you get reimbursement for rebuilding your house no matter what the subsequent costs are.

  • Coverage for building replacement that includes architects and surveyors fees 
  • Coverage for the cost of removing debris, demolishing, shoring or propping up the damaged parts of the building 
  • Coverage for loss of rent and alternative accommodation costs 
  • Coverage for accidental damage to or from the building by external means (cables, underground pipes, septic tanks and drains) 
  • Coverage for accidental loss or damage to any person or material property
  • Coverage for defense costs and expenses incurred
  • Fire, explosion, lightning or earthquake 
  • Smoke 
  • Storm and flood 
  • Riot, civil commotion, strikes and labor disturbances 
  • Malicious persons or vandals 
  • Collision by:
    • Aircraft, aerial devices or articles dropped from them
    • Vehicles or animals 
  • Escape of water from tank, pipes, apparatus, fixed heating installations or domestic appliances:
    • Freezing of water in tanks apparatus or pipes
    • Leakage of oil from a fixed heating installation
  • Theft or attempted theft involving forcible and violent entry to, or exit from, the building 
  • Falling radio and television receiving aerials (including satellite dishes), their fittings and masts 
  • Falling trees or part thereof

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