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High Net Worth Home Insurance product provides comprehensive protection for your most valued personal assets – your home, personal belongings, fine art, jewelry and antiques.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive buildings and contents coverage : We protect your building and valuable contents against loss or damage.
  • Newly acquired items : AIG provides automatic, immediate cover for your newly purchased items as long as you notify us of the new item(s) within 60 days of purchase.
  • Worldwide coverage : We offer worldwide all risks protection to your precious contents and portable personal possessions.
  • Loss of rent : If your tenant is unable to occupy your rental property due to a covered loss, we cover you for the lost rent for up to 12 months.
  • Trace and access : We don’t just pay for the damage caused by a leaking pipe; we also pay to find the leak.
  • Worldwide personal liability : We offer worldwide personal liability coverage against third party personal injury and property damage.
  • Coverage for pairs and sets : If you suffer loss or damage to part of a pair or set , for example and earring, we will pay to replace the whole pair or set, not just the lost or damaged item.
  • Guaranteed rebuilding costs : We rebuild or repair your house to its original condition and beauty, if there is any unexpected damage caused by a covered loss.
  • Alternative accommodation : Should your home become uninhabitable following a loss covered by your policy, we provide alternative accommodation for you and your family for up to 12 months, or until your home is ready to be occupied, whichever is the shorter time.
  • Annual travel : We cover annual family multi-trip travel.

* Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the Policy

Coverage Table

  Section Cover

Comprehensive All Risks Buildings Coverage Yes

Multiple Homes Worldwide Yes

Worldwide Contents Cover Yes

Worldwide Jewelry and Fine Arts Cover Yes

Alternative Accommodation Yes

Loss of rent Yes

Worldwide Personal Liability Coverage AED 5,000,000

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