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AIG is the world’s leading insurance organization, with more than 90 million customers worldwide -- a multinational footprint serving clients in over 200 countries and jurisdictions. With one of the industry’s most extensive ranges of products and services, deep claims expertise and excellent financial strength, AIG enables its personal and business insurance clients alike to manage risk with confidence. We have been insuring some of the world’s most complex risks for more than 95 years and today, some of the world’s largest companies and more than 20 million people have trusted us to help respond to some of the world’s biggest data breaches.

We participate on more than 70% of the world’s airline placements and are the underwriting and claims lead on roughly 30%.

Learning from the insights provided from our significant investments in technology and engineering, we’ve increased our Commercial Property per-risk capacity to $2.5 billion worldwide.

We’ve built a multinational footprint that spans 200 countries and jurisdictions.

We want to build partnerships, not just make relationships with clients. We will continue to learn, work, and innovate together with each other, and our clients, to solve for emerging challenges and deliver solutions that work. We will continue to arm clients with best-in-class knowledge, training, consultative solutions, and claims assistance to solve their unique challenges, through partnerships with leading legal firms, mediators, investigators, forensic specialists, crisis communications practitioners, and industry experts.

Innovative Technology // Beyond Insurance

Commercial Property Risks: The stronger we are, the more effectively we can protect clients. That’s why we partnered with Clemson University to establish a Risk Engineering and Systems Analytics Institute. We’ve also invested in an engineering center of excellence and a state-of-the-art Global Engineering Training Center that supports over 600 risk engineers.

Big Data and Client Centric Analytics: Turning big data into actionable intelligence requires the ability to find information that matters to your business. AIG’s Client Centric Analytics does this by using advanced analytics to pinpoint loss drivers, improve safety, and ultimately reduce the total cost of risk. Together with our clients, we help develop customized solutions and safety programs by looking for patterns in their claims data and that of their peers to predict areas of risk.

Cyber Security: Businesses, cities and people continue to become more vulnerable to cyber threats as our world becomes even more connected. Cyber-attacks can mean more than lost data, identity recovery, and multistate notification. They can mean reputational damage, bodily injury, and property damage as well.

Constantly monitoring the cyber landscape, AIG keeps clients at the forefront of the industry as cyber risk continues to evolve. The preventative tools, technology, and expertise of our expert partners such as K2 Intelligence, Risk Analytics, IBM, and more provide our clients with the knowledge, training, security, and consultative solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve.

Wearables and Worker Safety: Today, employers invest in hard-hats on construction sites and ergonomic designs for offices to enhance worker safety, output, and job satisfaction. AIG believes that technology can help make workers safer. That’s why we’ve invested in a new startup called Human Condition Safety, an early-stage company that couples wearable technology with artificial intelligence (AI) and building information modeling (BIM). As Human Condition Safety’s exclusive insurance partner, this new approach will help our clients turn data-driven insights into actionable results and create an enhanced safety ecosystem.

Our Footprint in the Middle East

AIG has deep roots in the Middle East and has operated in the region for over 60 years. We have well diversified products and distribution channels – both in commercial and consumer insurance, and we operate on a geographic footprint stretching from North Africa to India. AIG MEA Limited, regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority, is a key element to AIG’s global legal entity structure.

AIG MEA Limited also houses the AIG Middle East and North Africa Zone Management Team, with a geographical footprint stretches from North Africa to India. We help people and businesses manage their risks, enabling individuals to improve their lives, and companies to grow the economy with confidence. Over the decades, we have built AIG into one of the strongest providers of insurance products and services in the Middle East, awarded numerous times by the Region’s reputable publications – to name a few,

2012 – Kuwait Insurer of the Year
2013 – Banker Middle East Industry Awards / Best International Insurance Company
2013 – Most Innovative Product in Financial Lines / MENA
2013 – Kuwait Most Visionary Insurer of the Year
2014 – Kuwait Insurer of the Year
2014 – Most Innovative Product in Financial Lines / MENA
2014 – Financial Lines Insurer of the Year / MENA
2015 – Insurer of the Year / MENA
2015 – Commercial Lines Insurer of the Year / MENA
2015 – Kuwait Insurer of the Year
2016 - North African Insurer of the Year
2016 – SME Insurer of the Year / MENA