Casualty Insurance from AIG UAE


Casualty insurance products insure companies against liability for damages to third parties, providing critical business protection for a company’s balance sheet. 

AIG can help you with solutions to manage your current and future casualty exposures. Our casualty products and services provide outstanding protection for employees, assets and balance sheets. A wide international reach with local market underwriting knowledge and experienced claims units help you deliver improved control, consistency of coverage and local regulatory compliance.

Our Strengths

Local Expertise and Authority

AIG has the expertise and resources in the right place to meet your needs.  Over casualty underwriters handle both high volume and complex risks – including U.S. and worldwide exposures – all empowered to make local decisions.

Innovation and Tailored Structures

AIG has proven ability to tailor individual programs to fit the individual circumstances of complex clients. Specialists in domestic, international and multinational markets develop innovative solutions that keep in step with new trends and directions in business.

Expertise and Claims Handling

AIG’s unparalleled in-house claims operations is committed to delivering fast, local claims support and experienced handling that leads to efficient settlement and minimal business interruption for you.

Multinational Reach

AIG’s global network spans more than 200 countries and includes the largest owned insurance network available in the property casualty industry.* Clients expanding abroad benefit from a consistent and compliant program with central control and cost reduction, prompt policy issuance and in-country claims payments.

*Includes owned operations and network partners.