Employers Liability Insurance - Workers Compensation from AIG UAE

Worker’s compensation covers any occupational sickness or accidents arising during the course of employment, including medical expenses and loss of wages for either bodily injury or the death of an employee as per relevant Labor Laws. Employer’s liability pays additional compensation over and above the workers compensation benefits upon a court judgment of negligence on the part of the employer.

Why Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance?

Worker's compensation and employer's liability insurance is compulsory for most countries, and businesses are often required to display a statutory certificate of insurance at all places of work.

In today's world of litigation, companies and other organisations are more likely to find themselves held liable for accidents that cause injury to their employees. At the same time, compensation payments granted to a claimant by courts have generally become very high, meaning that the cost of worker's compensation and employer's liability indemnities to businesses can be massive.

Managing employee health and safety risks are an important factor in controlling operational costs and protecting company assets