Contaminated Product Insurance

Provides cover for recall costs, loss of gross profits and rehabilitation costs following accidental or malicious contamination (actual or threatened). It also provides crisis management planning and loss prevention services through leading international crisis management specialists.

Key Features

  • Pre-incident recall planning consultancy fees are commensurate to the premium amount
  • Meets the direct costs of a recall, including laboratory product testing, reverse stock distribution, destruction and disposal, extra human resource, repair and replacement and redistribution
  • Additional costs arising post-recall as a direct result
  • Brand protection through crisis management consultancy
  • Cover in the face of threatened or actual malicious attacks


Accidental Contamination

Any accidental or unintentional contamination, impairment or mis-labelling which occurs during or as a result of its production, preparation, manufacture, packaging or distribution; provided that the use or consumption of such product has resulted in or would result in a manifestation of bodily injury, sickness, disease or death of any person within 120 days after consumption or use.

Malicious Tampering

Any actual, alleged or threatened, intentional, malicious and wrongful alteration or contamination of the Insured's product so as to render it unfit or dangerous for use or consumption or to create such impression to the public, whether caused by employees or not. 
Extortion Monies

Any threat to commit Malicious Tampering for the purpose of demanding Ransom Monies.

  • Cover includes
  • Recall costs
  • Business interruption (lost gross profit)
  • Rehabilitation costs, sublimited to 25% 
  • Consultancy costs