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Financial Lines

Management and professional liability solutions for commercial & financial institutions

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Revolutionary advancements in IT technology has transformed the way companies today manage their business, but have brought with it new and challenging cyber risks. AIG has been at the forefront in understanding these risks and developing a solution that provides all the expertise and financial protection companies need to both protect against the financial losses associated with a data breach or network security failure and to respond swiftly and effectively to manage and mitigate an event. CyberEdge can help mitigate not only the potential financial impact of a data leak, loss or breach, but also the reputational impact and the IT impact because it combines traditional insurance cover with professional consultancy.

Directors and Officers liability insurance (D&O) protects the personal assets of directors and officers in respect of wrongful acts undertaken in the course of the performance of their supervisory and or managerial duties. Our CorporateGuard 360 D&O policy is written to and designed for the UAE market, taking local requirements into consideration while offering best in class global cover.

It is a hard truth that sometimes it may be the most trusted and senior staff in an organization who use their system knowledge to work around security and set up insidious, well-concealed fraud systems. The impact of fraud to a business can go beyond the money or stock that’s been taken. Customers and investors may lose faith in the management and employee morale may fall. In the MENA region many large business organizations do not purchase specialized crime cover, relying on basic property insurance policy. However, these may not be extensive covers and could leave them exposed to several risks with no cover for stock or goods, uselessly-low limits or sharp restrictions on discovery periods. Crime insurance from AIG not only provides comprehensive protection from the effects of dishonesty, but it also enables businesses to demonstrate their commitment to effective risk controls

Sophisticated insurance solutions for financial institutions operating in a mature global market.

Every corporate strategy of combining businesses through Mergers and Acquisitions presents its own set of unique challenges and inherent risks. At AIG, we recognize Mergers and Acquisitions insurance as a highly specialized field of cover. A cover that focuses on aiding the M&A process by protecting certain potential risks that may be likely to occur immediately or at a later date.

Professional Indemnity insurance covers organizations or individuals against alleged breaches of their professional services.